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Office Skills Training

Level Up Your Skills! Hourly training for individuals & groups in Excel, Word, Mail Merge & more. Boost Your Productivity! Learn essential computer skills (Excel, Word, Mail Merge) in focused, hourly sessions.

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  • Last Updated Mar 14, 2024

About This Course

General Introduction:

Have you ever felt frustrated by limitations with common software programs? Whether you're struggling with Excel formulas or want to learn mail merge for efficient marketing campaigns, I can help! I offer personalized hourly training sessions designed to empower you with the specific computer skills you need to succeed.

Introduction for a Group Setting:

Looking to boost your team's productivity and streamline workflows? I specialize in providing targeted computer skills training for groups. We can focus on essential programs like Excel, Word, and Mail Merge, all tailored to address your team's unique needs. Get everyone on the same page and unlock a new level of efficiency with my hourly training sessions.

Informal Introduction:

Feeling like you're wrestling with your computer instead of working with it? Let's change that! I offer one-on-one or group training sessions designed to make you feel confident using essential programs like Excel, Word, and Mail Merge. Learn at your own pace and ditch the frustration with my hourly computer skill-building sessions.

Course Instructor

Team member
Abdurasak Arab


Frequently Asked Questions

What about this training?

this for training , we shall train you for specific skill in a live training session 

Simply you book first then you  we will be in touch with  right trainer from  from our center to train you with skill you are in need 

we currently limited to only office skills, soft skills   and day to day skills  which are a wide range of skills  but we currently don't offer programming related  skills with this  hourly training session currently but only with regular  or monthly courses 

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